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This entry will offer a list in alphabetic order of the technical terms. Please send me an e-mail if there are terms that should be included in the list.

The abbreviations used for the books of the Bible follow the English Standard Version of the Holy Bible.

AA= Antiphons

Adv[entus] = Advent.

Antiphonale (lat) / Antiphonary (eng) / Antifonale or Antifonar / -rium (dan) = the liturgical book that contains the music of the sung parts of the texts of the Divine Office throughout the entire Church Year.

Ascens[ionis] = Ascension.

BMV = Beata Maria Virginis

Breviariuim (lat) / Breviary (eng) / Breviar /-rium / -riet (dan) = The book that contains all the texts of the Divine Office throughout the entire Church Year.

Cena Domini = Lord's Supper, i.e. Maunday Thursday.

Comm[une] = Common of ...

Conf[essores] = Confessors.

Decoll[atio] = Beheading.

Dom[inica] = Sunday.

Evang[gelista] = Evangelist.

Ebd[oma] = Week.

Feria = Weekday.

Graduale (lat) = Has two meanings: 1) The Gradual is the name of the prayer sung between the reading of the Lesson and the Gospel at Mass. The Gradual takes a verse and is follewed immediately by the Alleluia. The performance of the Gradual varied (se the entry "The Music") 2) The liturgical book containing the texts and music for the celebration of the sung parts of mass throughout the intire Church Year.

Incunabulum, - bula (lat) = a book printed before 1501.

Kal[endae] = First day in a month.

Maj[or] = Holy Week.

Missale (lat) / missal (eng.) / missale or messebog  (dan) = a liturgical book containing all the texts (both sung and read) for Sunday and daily masses throughout the church year. Modern printed Missals do not contain daily Masses as did the medieval mass books.

Nat[alis] = Nativity

Oct[ava] = Octave.

O.P. = Ordo Predicatorum, i.e. the Dominican Order.

O.T.= the Old Testament.

Palm[arum] = Palm (Sunday).

Parasceve = Good Friday.

Pascha = Easter

Pentecoste = Whitsun.

Pridie = The day before.

Quadr[agesima] = Lent.

RR= Responsories

Sab[bato] = Saturday.

Trin[itatis] = Trinity, i.e. the Sundays after Trinity, or the Sundays after Pentecost as they are called in the late Roman tradition.

4 Temp[orum] = Quatuor Temporum, i.e. Ember Days.



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