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Danish Liturgical Books


The purpose of this entry is to establish an easy access to the content of the most important surviving liturgical books from the Middle Ages by means of a number of links. The books have not been scanned yet. It is my hope, however, that this enterprise can be carried through in the future as soon as the necessary money has been raised. 

The most interesting books in our context are the following printed books kept in the Royal Library in Copenhagen:

Missale Ottoniense from 1483 (fragmentary)            Breviarium Ottoniense from 1482 and the later editions.

Missale Slesvicense from 1486                                    Diurnale Roschildense from 1511

Breviarium Slesvicense from 151                                Breviarium Lundense from 1517

Missale Hafniense from 1510                                        Breviarium Roschildense from 1517

Missale Lundense from1514                                          Breviarium Aarhusiense from 1519

Canon Roschildensis    from 1522                                                                                           



Furthermore, there are three important printed liturgical books kept in foreign libraries that ought also to be scanned:

Missale Hafniense Vetus from 1484 in Helsinki (fragmentary)

Missale Viburgense from 1500 in  Riga

Breviarium Slesvicense from 1486 in Rome




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