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Newsletter 10

March 2007

I hereby have the pleasure of releasing my last inventory of fragments at the Danish National Archives in Copenhagen. The fragments are taken from various collections as the different headlines in the inventory indicate. This inventory consists of fragments numbers 8520 to 8645.

Two of the fragments have been located with certainty. Fragm. 8538 has turned out to be page 137 of the Missale Ripense from 1504, and Fragm. 8683 is a page from a Dominican antiphonary, as I demonstrate in the introduction to the database from Regensburg: http://www.uni-regensburg.de/fakultaeten/phil_fak_i/musikwissenschaft/cantus/index.htm.

It has been encouraging for me to note that my inventories have been the occasion of further studies. In this respect Prof. Chr. Troelsgaard, Copenhagen University, and a group of students have identified Fragm. 8302 as being part of Bede’s Life of St. Cuthbert. The fragment turns out to bee the lower part of a folio kept at the Royal Library, Copenhagen (web-edited: KB fragm. 527-52.

I hope my inventories will inspire scholars around the World to further studies into the study of our medieval sources. Let me also take this occasion to thank my colleague, archivist Michael H. Gelting, for his cooperation in the project, which for his part has been quite laborious, as well as the Director General of the Danish National Archives, dr. phil. Johan Peter Noack, for his readiness to support the project and give access to the sources.

Knud Ottosen


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