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Newsletter 4

March 2005
I hereby have the pleasure of releasing the second portion of my inventory of the fragments from Registratur 108B at the Danish National Archives in Copenhagen. This time it concerns the fragments numbers 8167 to 8247. The inventory is found under "New Inventories" in the left margin --> Reg. 108B --> 8167-8247. A click on the code number allows you to view pictures of the fragment in question.

My colleague, Anka Inkeri Lehtinen, Helsinki, has kindly located fragments 8168-8175 and 8177-8181 to be pages of Peter Comestor's Historia Scholastica. It is interesting that some of the texts of theses fragments are not included in Migne's edition. It is also interesting to note that even material from early printed books (incunabulas) turns up: 5 fragments from the printed Missal of 1483 from Odense (8200-8202, 8214-15 and 8234) and seven from a printed Gradual, which I have not yet located (8237-8240 and 8244-8246). The oldest liturgical fragments - and even the most beautiful - are 8203-8204 from a Sacramentary fom around 1100. Its decoration points towards Normandy or England.

Another two portions of fragments from Reg. 108B are still to be released.

If you have any comments or corrections, please send an e-mail to Ottosen@liturgy.dk

Yours sincerely

Knud Ottosen


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